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About Us

About Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria
Filisa-Cars is currently the leading Bulgarian car rental company. We are operating with the largest car fleet on the local market. In 2016 our fleet consists of over 800 cars, 90% brand new or up to 3 years old. We provide nationwide car rental service through 10 offices and deliveries in every city and resort in Bulgaria as well as the main airports on the Balkans.


Providing professional high quality car rental service to our customers is the main goal of Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria. We pay particular attention to the customer satisfaction measurement and improvement. We achieved to be #1 rated car rental company operating in Bulgaria (according to ReviewCentre, TrustPilot, GoogleLocal) and we keep improving the quality by providing professional service, technical innovations, new cars and competitive prices.


2016 — New office in Obzor (main road Е87)
2016 — New office (meeting point) in Balchik, 69 Cherno more str.
2016 — New office location at Burgas Galleria Mall.
2015 — A new service has been launched: Cargo van rental by Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria
2015 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria is the first Bulgarian company to offer electric vehicles rental
2014 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria increase its fleet to over 800 cars
2014 — 2 new office locations are opened at Golden Sands and Sunny Beach
2013 — New downtown office at Burgas Plaza Mall
2009 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria opens new office location in Burgas Airport
2009 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria opens new office location in Varna Airport
2008 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria become official partner of PAYLESS in Bulgaria
2006 — New office location next to Sofia Airport, Terminal 2
2006 — Top Lease brand for operational leasing is established
2004 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria opens its first office location in Sofia Downtown
2004 — The official website www.filisa-cars.com is launched
2003 — Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria is established with a fleet of 15 cars and office location in Varna Welcome to our Affiliate Program. We offer you Online and Traditional partnership options


Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria is the leading car rental company in Bulgaria, offering nation-wide service and the largest fleet of new vehicles. More information read at our About page and our Customer Satisfaction page. Offer your audience the availability to book a car and let us deal with it. When a customer visit your website and make a booking through the booking widget you get 10% commission of the car rental price.

Our booking widget benefits?

Now you can improve the functionality of your web site by adding car rental service and integrate Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria booking widget. It is a great way to enhance your web site features and your service added value. It is also a way to have some additional profit from the commission for every reservation made through the booking widget.

Add new service to your website
Earn money for each booking (one of the biggest commission percentage)
Easy integration, easy customization
Automatic processing
Back-end panel to monitor all statistics

This is our 3rd generation widget. Through java script technology you get fully responsive, easy to integrate and customizable booking widget. It will fit all resolutions. The information, cars and prices are always up to date. We have integrated in the process 2 types of highly secured payment systems. Your visitors can pay both with credit card and PayPal.

Partner back-end panel

Track your searches, bookings and commissions live with our Partners Back-end panel. Here you can also add widgets and customize your current one.

Option 1: Co-branded widget (Recommended)

Choosing this type of widget, you can upload your own logo and the whole booking process will be completed under your branding. This option requires no maintatence and updating. We recommend it because it gives you the most benefit from the functionalities of our website.

Co-branding examples:

Co-branding widget implementation Co-branding Result Page
Full width widget implementation
Option 2: White label widget

This option for while label widget integration will allow you to have the whole booking process go in your website. After the customer select the details and make a search, it will immediately load the result at the same web page without forwarding.

White label example

White label Result Page White label Result Page

Another way to earn commission from your traffic is having a car rental banner. Leading the visitors to our official page, they get tracking id and their reservations will show in your Partner panel. There are 2 types of banners, most of them white label.

Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria banner

Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria banner Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria banner

Our partnership program is most suitable for hotels, tour operators, tourist agencies, information centers, real estate agencies or other companies that sells airline, bus, train tickets, accommodations, etc. If you are interested in such co-operation let us know and our representative will meet you, explain you all the details and provide you with the required print advertising materials.

Add new service to your company portfolio
Earn up to 30% commission from each rental
24/7 nationwide customer support
Reliable partner — #1 rated car rental company in Bulgaria
Traditional Partnership Contract
VIP Contract

This type of partnership guarantee 30% commission from the price VAT excluded. You can sign VIP Contract after the 5th bookings from our company. Exclusive contact is a need

Exclusive Contract

This contract guarantee 25% commission from the price VAT excluded(we advice using Filisa-Cars Rent a Car in Bulgaria as primary car rental company if signing this type of contact)

No contract commissioning

Without signing a contract – 20% commission from the price VAT excluded for bookings during the Summer and Winter season